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Misconceptions About Booking Escorts in Sydney

Misconceptions About Booking Escorts in Sydney

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about Sydney Escorts and the men who choose to spend time with them. From myths about men only seeing Escorts in Sydney because they’re losers who can’t get laid, to Sydney Escorts being unsafe, we find that a lot of these stereotypes are based on ignorance, fear and jealousy! Here are some of the common myths associated with booking Escorts in Sydney.

Men Who See Sydney Escorts Can’t Get Laid

One popular misconception is that men who see Sydney Escorts only do it because they can’t get laid elsewhere. We have to laugh at this one because, it’s simply not true. Our clients at Ace Escorts come from all walks of life, background and situation. For many men, seeing a Sydney Escort is a way to simplify their life. Put it this way, if you’re a busy businessman who has little time for himself, let alone time to find and meet women for dating and relationships, seeing Sydney Escorts is a very easy way to meet beautiful women, when it suits you. Seeing Escorts in Sydney means you can cut to the chase without any strings attached. Because who doesn’t enjoy spending time with beautiful women?

Men Who See Escorts in Sydney Must Be Unattractive

Another silly myth we sometimes hear, is that men who see Sydney Escorts must be unattractive. This assumption is again, based on the fact that some people think that men who see Escorts in Sydney mustn’t be attractive enough to pick up women elsewhere. This is ridiculous, as our clients are all unique and all attractive in their own way. Trust us when we say that the Sydney Escorts at Ace Escorts are never judging the way a client looks – a man with a friendly attitude and a cheeky twinkle in his eye is much more attractive to us than physical looks.

Women Only Do Sex Work Because They’re Damaged

There’s a misconception that sex workers are damaged, that there’s something wrong with being paid for sex, or that sex workers are only doing the work to support a drug addiction. This is not only untrue, but it’s offensive. Sex workers seems to be an easy target when it comes to these types of accusations because of the ‘grey area’ we work in. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with paying for or being paid for sex. Sex work is one of the oldest professions in the world for a reason – it’s a profession that benefits everyone involved.

The reality is that Escorts in Sydney consensually engage in sex work for all types of reasons. Many Sydney Escorts are career women, who enjoy the power, flexibility, independence and financial freedom that comes with the profession. Others are university students who would rather pay their bills by having hot fun with strangers than having to work a boring job. Some women do escorting in Sydney as a side hustle to supplement their income, and others do it because they love spending time with like-minded strangers.

Sydney Escorts Are Unsafe

There’s a misconception that escorts are inherently unsafe because of their exposure to Sexually Transmitted Infections. The fact is, Sydney Escorts are incredibly strict about safe sex. Sex workers have lower rates of STIs than the generally community, with condom usage in Australian sex workers exceeding 99%. Why anyone would assume it’s in our interest to forgo condoms and expose ourselves to diseases that could put our clients, and ourselves at risk, is beyond us.

On the flipside, some people say that sex work is physically dangerous for all escorts. The fact is, emotional health is more at risk than physical or sexual health, with the biggest risk factor being the social stigma that can come with sex work, which can lead to isolation, shame, secrecy and fear.

Sex Workers Only See Men With Weird Fetishes

Some people believe that Escorts in Sydney only cater to men who have bizarre fetishes and fantasies. While variety is the spice of life, and we are always open to hearing the different desires of the men we encounter at Ace Escorts, most of our clients just want a good old fashioned romp with a beautiful woman or two. In fact, the Australian Study of Health and Relationships found that services requested of sex workers by men were: vaginal intercourse (94.5%), masturbation of the client by the escort (89.7%), stimulation of the escort by the man (62.5%), fellatio (66.1%), cunnilingus (26.6%), anal sex (2.3%) and BDSM/Kink (0.8%).

Ace Escorts is Sydney’s best escort agency. Play your cards right and give our Private escort agency in Sydney a call to arrange a booking with a high class Sydney Escort.

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