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Escort Etiquette 101: How To Book A Sydney Escort

Escort Etiquette 101: How To Book A Sydney Escort

You’ve found a gorgeous high class Sydney Escort you’d like to arrange a date with, and your fingers are poised over your phone ready to dial her number. But before you arrange a booking with Escorts in Sydney, there are a few important things you should consider to ensure the experience is a memorable one for both of you. Follow Ace Escorts advice for how to book a Sydney escort 101 and you’re guaranteed to not only have an incredible time, but you’ll be on your way to becoming your Sydney Escort’s favourite new client.

Read her escort profile

Before arranging a booking with a Sydney Escort, read her online escort profile and make sure her services match up with what you are seeking. Not every escort has the same interests or offers the same services. For example, if you are looking for something specific, such as an extended Girlfriend Experience booking, anal play, a BDSM Escort, or a Pornstar Escort in Sydney, stick to Sydney Escorts who offers the services you seek. If you’re not sure, ask in advance. Even better, contact Ace Escorts, tell us what you’re looking for in a Sydney Escort and let us play escort matchmaker.

2. Introduce yourself

Booking an escort is like asking someone out on a date. You want to present yourself in the best light possible. Some Escorts in Sydney will detail on her escort profile how they’d like you make contact. Some prefer to be contacted via text message, email or phone, while others prefer that you introduce yourself via the contact form on their escort website. However your escort likes to be contacted, keep it clear, concise and polite. Tell her your name, where you saw her ad and your preferred date, time and location for your booking. If you’re wanting an incall, tell her what hotel you’ll be staying at. If you have any particular requests for specific services and activities – tell her. Don’t be shy about it, but don’t be offended if she says no to a particular activity. Never just text “You busy?” because you’re unlikely to get very far.

3. Don’t be a timewaster

Basically, don’t be late. Your Sydney Escort is a professional, so treat her like one. Nobody likes their time being wasted, let alone a Sydney Escort who has spent time specifically prepping her hair, makeup and outfit to come and spend time with you. If you’re going to be late for your booking or you need to postpone because something has come up at the last minute – we understand, it happens! Ensure you give your Sydney Escort as much notice as possible. If you need to shift your booking, try and give us at least 24 hours notice.

4. Have a shower

Treat preparing for your booking in the same way you would for a hot date. Turn up freshly showered and smelling delicious, with minty fresh breath and your fingernails clean and clipped short. Don’t take offense if your Sydney Escort requests that you take another shower before your booking. Hygiene is incredibly important and nothing is sexier than freshly showered nude bodies.

5. It takes two to tango

The key to mutual pleasure is mutual respect. Allow yourself to let go and enjoy the chemistry, but always remember to be polite and considerate during your interactions with Escorts in Sydney. Ensure you understand your Sydney Escort’s boundaries before the booking begins and respect them. Ask before kissing as some Sydney Escort’s don’t allow passionate French kissing. Never be pushy, rough, aggressive or do anything non-consensual. If you want to show your Sydney Escort as good a time as she’s going to show you, ask her what she likes and how she likes it. That’s a sure fire way to guarantee you’ll become a favourite client of hers.

6. Never ask for a discount

Would you ask your mechanic or plumber for a discount? Would you go into a restaurant and ask for a discount? Never ask your Sydney Escort for a discount or try to barter her rate. Quite often Escorts in Sydney will offer price reductions for bookings that run for multiple hours. Let’s just put it this way, at Ace Escorts, you will never feel ripped off. Our high class Sydney Escorts will exceed your expectation. The only time that it’s acceptable to ask your Sydney Escort for a discount is if you are looking for a whole weekend booking or a week away together somewhere.

Ace Escorts is Sydney’s best escort agency. Play your cards right and give our Private escort agency in Sydney a call to arrange a booking with a high class Sydney Escort.

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