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5 Popular Types of Sydney Escort Bookings To Try Tonight

5 Popular Types of Sydney Escort Bookings To Try Tonight

In the mood to try something new? Did you know there are lots of other services that exist beyond a ‘standard service’? Check out the 5 most popular types of Sydney Escort Bookings that you can experience at Ace Escorts. You might be surprised by what piques your attention.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE as it's more commonly known, is one of the most popular adult services in Sydney at Ace Escorts – and with good reason! While a GFE has different meanings for different people, you’ll find that the common theme is that a GFE is more intimate and affectionate than a regular escort date. A GFE with a Sydney Escort might include passionate kissing, cozy conversation, intimate dinner dates and multiple hours or overnight bookings. Think of a GFE as being like having a part-time girlfriend, with all the best bits and no strings attached.

Pornstar Experience

If you’ve ever fantasised about starring in an adult film, then you must book a Pornstar Experience with Ace Escorts. Frequently known as PSE, a Pornstar Experience is as raunchy, high-energy and hardcore as Sydney Adult Services gets. A PSE experience simulates porn-style sex and might include things like dirty talk, adventurous sexual positions, anal sex, deep throating oral, exaggerated moaning, gagging, facials, BDSM, sex toys, spanking, rough sex and more. A PSE might also include elaborate roleplay, specific costumes or props or specific sex acts. A Pornstar Experience gives you the ability to live out your porn-style fantasies and desires in a safe, judgement-free environment with an energetic Pornstar Escort in Sydney.

Couples Bookings

The Sydney Escorts at Ace Escorts love and are very skilled at playing with couples. If you’re in a relationship and you’d like to have a threesome with your partner, hiring a Couples Escort in Sydney to join you both for the evening is the easiest way to guarantee a safe, drama-free, wild and memorable experience. All of our Couples Escorts are genuinely bisexual and love playing with women. Whether your partner is curious but nervous about being with a woman or is well versed in the art of girl-on-girl action, a Couples Escort is going to be able to ensure the experience is an exciting and positive one for your partner. Sit back and enjoy watching your partner explore her sexuality and be pleasured every which way by a stunning bisexual Sydney Escort before they invite you in on the action.

Escort Doubles

Everyone knows that the only thing better than one stunning high-class Sydney escort – is two high-class Sydney Escorts. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion – such as a big number birthday, a promotion or an anniversary, or you’re ticking one off your bucket list, or maybe you’re feeling a bit flat and need a mind-blowing experience to get your blood pumping again, and Escort Double booking is going to rock your world on so many levels. The majority of our high-class Sydney Escorts are genuinely bisexual and love playing with each other. Imagine kicking back in the hotel while you watch two stunning high-class Sydney Escorts pleasure each other before turning their attentions to you. Double the escorts, double the positions, double the potential, double the fun.

Kinky Escort

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain… and our Kinky Escorts are experts at straddling that line. If you’re looking for some kinky BDSM fun with a beautiful alpha female, book a date with a Kinky Escort from Ace Escorts. Fetish Escorts at Ace Escorts offer BDSM and domination services for submissive clients who want to satisfy their kinky fantasies in a safe and friendly environment. Imagine being at the whim of a stunning dominating Sydney Mistress who will treat you as her personal slave for the duration of your booking. Imagine being gently tied to the bed and blindfolded, her leather crop trailing down your body, stopping occasionally to give you a little slap to remind you who’s in control. Imagine being forced to worship and pay special attention to a Sydney Fetish Escorts feet, breasts or latex-clad booty.

Whether you’re curious to explore kink, a GFE, a PSE, an Escort Double or you’re looking for a Couples Escort for a memorable evening, contact Ace Escorts. Ace Escorts is Sydney’s best escort agency. Play your cards right and give our Private escort agency in Sydney a call to arrange a booking with a high-class Sydney Escort.

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